In September 2021, VinFast sales reached 3,497 vehicles, an increase of 51.4% compared to the previous month, of which Lux SA2.0 increased from 8 cars to 446 vehicles.

Today (October 11), VinFast announced its sales in September 2021. Accordingly, the Vietnamese automaker sold 3,497 vehicles of all kinds, up 51.4% compared to August 2021.

Specifically, the company's best-selling model is still Fadil with 2,565 vehicles, an increase of 517 vehicles compared to the previous month. Meanwhile, Lux A2.0 recorded 486 cars sold nationwide, an increase of 232 cars compared to August. Since the beginning of the year, VinFast has sold 17,668 Fadil cars and 4,771 Lux A2.0 cars.

In particular, the Lux SA2.0 model recorded an impressive growth. While in August 2021 only 8 units were sold, in September 2021 sales reached 446 vehicles. This growth is nearly 56 times higher than the previous month. According to VinFast, the addition of components and semiconductor chips has helped the company to promptly assemble and hand over Lux SA2.0 units to customers.

In October 2021, VinFast continues to implement a preferential policy of 100% of registration fees for two Lux models in October 2021. This support will be deducted directly from the car's selling price. In addition, the Lux SA2.0 Premium version is offered a discount of 100 million and 80 million for the other two versions.

And yet, all customers who order online three models of Lux SA2.0, Lux A2.0 and Fadil through the genuine VinFast website will receive a 3-year free maintenance package worth up to 23 million VND.

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