Is the Squid Game too violent or does the audience ignore the 18+ label?

Is the Squid Game too violent or does the audience ignore the 18+ label?

Despite being labeled for audiences over the age of 18, Squid Game is still criticized for being too violent in some countries. The main responsibility still rests with parents when guiding their children.

Globally popular, Squid Game is limited to 18+ years old in most countries like Vietnam, USA, Korea, Canada, Turkey... Only a few countries have lower rank like UK, Italy, Germany, France, upper limit 16 or 14 but still have warnings about violence, scary scenes.

Being warned for violence

With a movie belonging to the "life and death game" series, the scenes of death and gore are indispensable. However, all the annoyance and mixed opinions about Squid Game stem from the movie's popularity, so many underage viewers will find it anyway.

On October 6, in the US, the Parent Council on Media and Television (PTC) warned parents about increasing supervision of their children on social networks and in games - platforms that are being Squid Game covered content.

PTC program director Melissa Henson emphasized that even though Squid Game has been age-restricted for adults because of its "extreme violence", it still reaches underage audiences through social media. .

Speaking to Fox News, Ms. Henson emphasized Netflix's responsibility: "Netflix has to act as a gatekeeper to ensure that content that is harmful to young children is not distributed on their platforms."

In Thailand, on October 10, a spokesman for the Royal Thai Police also warned that children can imitate the violent games from Squid Game. Even so, there have been no reports in Thailand of this mimicry.

In Belgium, according to the Brussels Times, students at the Erquelinnes Bégunating Hainaut school were caught playing a game of "Red Lights" with the violent punishment of being beaten.

After discovering the incident, the school warned on its fanpage: "Dear parents, you must have heard of the movie Squid Game. In this movie, adults are forced to play children's games and if they lose, they will be punished. removed. This film bans children under the age of 18 because of the violent scenes."

The school emphasizes the responsibility of parents to supervise their children and still allows students to play Squid Game simulation games if violence is not involved.

Responsibilities of parents

In the above cases, the primary responsibility is still determined to lie with the parents when the Squid Game has been clearly age labeled.

On IMDb, accompanying the age limit of each film is a text that details to parents about scenes that are not suitable for children such as: sex and nudity, violence, obscenity, alcohol, scenes scary... Therefore, parents have many conditions to learn about the movie in advance before instructing their children.

With Squid Game, like many other hit movies, it's very difficult for teenagers to resist the attraction of movies from TikTok trends, memes, real-life challenges, etc.

Underage viewers can ignore the age limit to find movies. This also caused a fierce debate among parents online.

Overall, in many countries, the more popular opinion is still that it is not possible for children to watch this film. In the UK, many schools remind parents to tighten even more. One father commented: "I can't believe the school has to send a reminder letter. This movie is so popular."

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