Close-up of an apartment that costs 560 Bitcoins in the US

Close-up of an apartment that costs 560 Bitcoins in the US

According to CNBC, the 12-storey Arte apartment building in Surfside, Miami, Florida, USA is selling two luxury apartments for a total of more than 31 million USD. A special feature is that the investor also accepts payment in virtual currency...

Arte investors Alex Sapir and Giovanni Fasciano said interested customers can pay with Bitcoin or Ethereum. Earlier this year, they also sold a penthouse at this condominium for a record $22.5 million and was paid in virtual currency.

Of the two apartments, one is nearly 650 m2 wide and costs $18.95 million, the other is half the size for $11.9 million. At the current price of Bitcoin, these two apartments cost 560 Bitcoins.

Both have a wraparound porch with sea views, floor-to-ceiling glass walls. Owners can also use a private elevator directly to the apartment with fingerprint recognition technology.

Apartments at Arte apartment building cost from 10 million USD or more. It features both indoor and outdoor swimming pools, and a rooftop tennis court.

Some other amenities include gym, yoga, sauna, steam room, children's playroom, catering kitchen, temperature controlled parking and professional butlers. .

Despite the Covid-19 pandemic, home prices in the US still hit a record. This boom coincided with the recent rally in the price of Bitcoin and other cryptocurrencies. Both trends are converging in Miami, which is trying to position itself as the “cryptocurrency capital” of the US.

Here, real estate mogul Marc Roberts also accepts virtual currency payments for his apartments. He said he sold a penthouse for $22 million in virtual currency. He is the co-owner of the famous nightclub E11even, which allows objective payments in Bitcoin. (In the photo is the outdoor swimming pool of Arte apartment building).

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