Template iMagz + Landing Page Premium Free Download

Template iMagz + Landing Page Premium Free Download

Template iMagz + Landing Page Premium Free Download

 iMagz is equipped with a landing page that can be used also on the posting page, the design of this template is made simpler but with complete features.

The menu display is also made different from other templates, carrying the concept of 3 columns where the first column is devoted to the navigation menu which can minimize the navigation width.

Easy to Customize

We are trying to make this template easier to edit, now you can directly change the color via the Blogger Theme Designer or the Layout menu

Fast Loading

Performance is a top priority in the templates we create, sites that perform well have many benefits and have more potential to be on the first page of search results


Flexible template sizes fit on every screen and well-organized layouts while maximizing CSS performance

SEO Friendly

The template has been designed SEO Friendly starting from the breadcrumb that has been indexed by Google to other markup schemas

Easy Customize

It's very easy to change the color, width to font through Blogger Theme Designer including widget settings in the Layout menu

Ads Optimize

Ready-to-use Adsense ad slots have been provided in locations with high click rates

Fast Loading

Optimized by reducing the size of templates such as compressing CSS and Javascript for faster loading

Mobile First

Designed with more emphasis on mobile display, the appearance is made modern and more user friendly

Cross Browser Compatible

Support different browsers like chrome, firefox and so on

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