LinkMagz Responsive Blogger Template

LinkMagz Responsive Blogger Template

LinkMagz Responsive Blogger Template
LinkMagz Responsive Blogger Template

What is special about the LinkMagz blogger template? Let's learn and experience this blogger template.

Special post about advertising

In addition to posts about specific products and services, you can also create special posts for Ad or Sponsored Posts by labeling them as "Ads" or "Ads". or "Sponsor" (without quotes).

This Special Ad Post will automatically hide the author profile above the post or below the post and will also hide the comment form.

Super fast loading speed

In the current social media era, it is very difficult to get the attention of internet users. Especially if the blog on which we have a super long load.

That's why in this LinkMagz model, the load speed is the top priority.

Without sacrificing design and functionality, this LinkMagz is super fast, even beating my previous models.

100% template settings via Layout menu

The settings on my previous templates were quite complicated as I had to go back and forth from the layout menu to the HTML editing menu.

Sometimes for beginner bloggers who do not really understand HTML code, it is difficult to find the code to edit in HTML editing menu.

Now in this latest template, 100% template settings can be done on the layout menu. You don't need to bother looking for the code in the HTML editing menu.

Dark More with dark mode

One of the design trends in 2019 - 2020 is dark mode or night mode.

This dark mode design trend is not only for blog or website design but also for Smartphone, Apps, Software, etc.

In keeping with current design trends, the LinkMagz model also includes a dark mode feature.

With this feature, your blog visitors can choose the look of your blog, whether in normal or dark.

If the visitor chooses the dark mode, your blog post will be dark (but still cool).

This dark mode option is stored in the visitor's browser. This means that if the visitor chooses the dark mode, if the visitor comes back at another time, the blog screen will automatically go dark.

Other basic features of LinkMagz model:

  • Definitely SEO friendly
  • Responsive / Mobile-friendly
  • Version 3 layout (widget can be shown / hidden via layout)
  • Used markup scheme
  • WhatsApp order button to post products and services
  • Image slider to post products and services
  • Related articles under posts
  • Breadcrumbs
  • Social share button
  • Automatic ad extensions in the middle of the post
  • Fixed navigation menu
  • Navigate the page with more load modes
  • Smooth scrolling
  • Back to top button
  • Sticky sidebar
  • Related articles are in the middle of the post
  • More ...
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